GPPN Membership

The GPPN desires to become a truly global network. To that end, the network aims to broaden the geographical representation of its members through a slow and gradual expansion of its membership base.


New members will be invited to join the GPPN first as associate members, with the possibility of eventual accession to full membership.

This page explains the processes, criteria and responsibilities of Associate and Full Members of the GPPN.

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Associate Members

Associate Member Requirements

To become an Associate Member, a university/school must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Offer a two year Master degree in public policy.

  2. Be invited or nominated to join the network by at least 1 full member, and have the support of an additional 2 full members.

  3. The Dean (or representative) and a team of students must have attended at least one GPPN Conference as observers.

  4. Have student exchange programmes with at least two full members. The student exchanges should have been active for at least 2 academic years.

Have established, or be working towards at least one dual degree with at least one full member.

Associate Member Academic Criteria

In reviewing applications to admit a university/school as an Associate Member of the GPPN, the Deans will consider:

  1. The academic research standing of the applicant institution (or of the policy school (or equivalent) within that institution) in terms of producing research that is world-leading or internationally excellent, as defined by the Deans’ peer assessment taking into account university rankings as appropriate.

  2. The demonstrable commitment of the applicant institution to upholding the highest standards of academic rigour in scholarship.

  3. The commitment of the applicant institution to an excellent educational experience, as determined by the Deans’ collective peer assessment.

  4. A stated commitment by the applicant institution to intellectual freedom in pursuance of scholarship.

  5. The extent to which the applicant institution broadens the geographical representation of the GPPN in becoming a truly global network

Associate Member Responsibilities

Associate members have the following responsibilities:

  1. Attend at least one Dean’s Meeting every year.

  2. Contribute to the GPPN budget by paying an annual membership fee (50% of the fee for Full Members).

  3. Nominate a staff member to serve as Focal Point and participate in online Focal Point meetings.


Associate Member Benefits

Associate members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Eligible to participate in the annual GPPN Conferences. Each Associate Member may send a maximum of one student team of up to 5 students.

  2. Eligible to participate in other specified GPPN related activities, e.g. case studies, student and alumni network, joint editorial board for student journal.

  3. Eligible to have the University/School name and logo published on websites, publicity materials, etc. as an Associate Member of the GPPN.


Full Members

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