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Global Public Policy Network
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GPPN Annual Conference
February 22nd and 23rd, 2024

Hosted by the School of Public Affairs, Sciences Po 

The School of Public Affairs of Sciences Po will host the 2024 international conference of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) on Thursday 22 February and Friday 23 February 2024.


Students selected to participate will have the opportunity to present their projects to the Deans of eight of the most prestigious schools of public affairs as well as network with students from all over the world.


The theme for the 2024 GPPN Conference is Policy proposals to reduce the impact of climate change on vulnerable population and territory


Studies have shown that climate change has serious consequences on social aspects. We know that the most vulnerable populations are the first victims of it and that the climate crisis is responsible for worsening social inequalities. Regional inequalities, inequalities in access to resources and climate refugees are direct effects of climate change.


How can public policies limit the impact of climate change on societies? We are looking for creative solutions for policymakers and governments.

Student Projects

The Challenge 


The GPPN invites students to work on an important policy challenge in any field in line with the chosen theme. Proposals can incorporate public, private or hybrid approaches. Please note that a maximum of 3 "app proposals" will be selected.


We are looking for student presentations on public policy proposals that demonstrate:


  • Argumentation : A precise identification and analysis of the targeted population or territory; this precise analysis of the problem will need to be clear prior to discussion of any possible solutions 

  • Figures : A strong use of analytics and empirics and how these can be applied to inform a solution to the public policy problem identified 

  • Implementation : An astute understanding of how policy solutions can be implemented given the interests of the policy actors in the chosen context 

  • Benchmarking : A clear awareness of when similar solutions have been tried in the past, why they were successful or amended in order to be successful in the future. 


To see examples of past proposals, please watch the four presentations on the GPPN website from last year’s conference:




Students should form teams of 2 members minimum and 3 members maximum and work together to develop their proposals. Each member should only participate in 1 team. 




Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria, which are equally weighted. These are the same criteria as will be used at the conference.


a) Problem : policy analysis and strength of design (i.e. if it is based on sound analytical principles) (25%),

b) Solution : implementation concerns including awareness of stakeholder interests (25%),  (relevance of the solution) 

c) Implementation : Mechanisms for learning, self-correction and refinement over time (25%), (setting up the proposal over time : the proposal must include differents scenarios) 

d) Presentation : Quality of presentation (25%) (clarity, legibility, compliance with instructions)




Selected teams and proposals selected to participate in the GPPN Conference at Sciences Po will each give a presentation on the first day of the conference of up to 3 minutes. 


Up to 10 teams/proposals will be given detailed feedback by the Jury of Deans and selected to present on the second day of the conference. This second presentation will be for up to 5 minutes followed by questions from the Jury. 


Please note that attendance is mandatory during the 2 days of the Conference for all the students selected.

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