Global Public Policy Network
GPPN Annual Conference
March 5 to 6, 2022

Hosted by the Hertie School, Berlin

GPPN Annual 2022 Conference

The Hertie School in Berlin will host the 2022 international conference of

the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN)  on  Saturday  5  and  Sunday  6  March  2022. 

Students  selected  to  participate  will have  the opportunity  to  compete  against  teams 

selected  from  seven  of  the  most  prestigious  schools  of  public affairs

and to network with students from all over the world.

Call for Proposals
The GPPN invites students from GPPN member schools to identify an important policy challenge in any public policy field and in any  regional,  international  or  national  context.  Students  should  form  teams  between  3 and  5 members and work together to develop their proposals.

We are looking for student presentations on public policy proposals that:
  • Identify an important and pressing public policy problem;
  • Present   a   convincing   and   innovative   solution   and   demonstrate   why this   proposal   is appropriate to solve the policy problem identified;
  • Explain  how  the  solution  shall  be  implemented  and  what  implementation challenges  will need to be overcome, taking into account available knowledge and the context in which the policy challenge occurs.

The  proposal  should  be  concise  but  clearly  argued  and  based  on  evidence  from  practice  
and/or research.

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria. These are the same criteria as will be
used at the conference.
  • 25% Problem Analysis
  • 20% Strength of Solution & Real-World Feasibility
  • 15% Implementation Analysis
  • 15% Long-Term Sustainability
  • 25% Quality of Presentation

Teams and proposals selected by their policy school to participate in the GPPN Conference at the
Hertie  School  will  each  give  an  “elevator  pitch”  presentation  of  up  to  3  minutes  on the  first  day, followed by questions of the jury.

The  Jury,  composed  of the  Deans  of the  GPPN  schools,  will  select  up to  10 teams/proposals.  The teams will compete against each other on the second day of the conference. The second presentation will be for up to 5  minutes, followed by questions from  the Jury. The presentation should seek to answer the questions raised by the Jury and integrate the feedback provided during the first round of the competition.
Participation in the second day of the Conference is mandatory for all students.

All students will have the opportunity to participate in academic and social events organised by the Hertie School during the conference.

To apply
The Conference is only open to students from GPPN member schools.

Please consult your school for application instructions.


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Conditions for participation

The Hertie School is planning for an in-person event but it reserves the right to switch to an online or hybrid format depending on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and possible travel

We would  like to make the GPPN Conference a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.
Students will be required to show proof of vaccination or immunization against Covid-19 before entering the campus of the Hertie School. Students who cannot be vaccinated or whose vaccine is not recognised by the European health authorities (see list here) will be required to present a valid antigen test less than 24 hours old before entering the campus.


Depending on applying regulations, students may be required to wear face coverings. Students who do not fulfil these conditions will be refused access  to  the  event,  and  may  be  required  to  reimburse travel and accommodation costs.

Please note that proof of vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine (
see list here) may also be required  by German border authorities. You may find information on German regulations here.


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