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GraSPP Students Report on the 2015 GPPN conference in FGV-EAESP, Sao Paulo

GPPN Student Conference 2015 Report (T. Yokoyama)

The GPPN conference allowed for an opportunity to both learn from and contribute to the greater community of graduate students in Public Policy. I presented on the new urban phenomenon of new master-planned cities to a group of students interested in Metropolitan Governance. As my topic is a very recent occurrence and relates to many other topics, the presentation succeeded in getting the group’s engagement in the topic both in and outside the classroom. While writing the paper in itself was a significant outcome of this conference, as it allowed me to analyze an area of urban studies and sustainability that is still largely unexplored, the presentation and the subsequent discussions produced a meaningful set of ideas about how the notion of new master-planned cities could be further studied and what other policy implications might exist. Being unfamiliar with policy writing, I learnt from my peers how to transform analysis into practical policy that might deviate from the academic norm. Other ideas discussed in the group such as progressive cities and evolving cities not only related to my topic, they also illustrated the multifaceted nature of many of the issues of urban governance...

Originally published by GraSPP, University of Tokyo


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