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Ban Ki-Moon Discusses United Nation's Role in a Changing World

As his term draws to a close, UN Secretary-General visits SIPA to deliver annual Silver Lecture Inaction in Syria and the resurgence of nationalism in the West has led many to question the relevance of the United Nations in today’s global landscape. Visiting SIPA to give the annual Gabriel Silver Memorial Lecture, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon argued that, despite its limitations and need for restructuring, the UN still has a vital role to play in addressing global issues such as climate change, economic upheaval, and humanitarian crisis. In his October 26 address, Ban—who will leave office on January 1 after 10 years as secretary-general—identified the adoption of Sustainable

How can solutions be found to global public policy challenges?

The deans of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs responded to this question with one voice. Schools of public policy and public policy students from around the world must work together, open up to other cultures and draw on professionals from diverse fields including scientists, entrepreneurs, start-ups and developers. In June 2016, the Global Public Policy Network secretariat moved from the Hertie School of Governance to Sciences Po. Yann, as dean of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, you will head the GPPN for the next two years. What are your plans for the GPPN? Yann Algan, dean of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs: The w

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