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Promotion of Resilient and Sustainable Neighborhoods in Latin America: The City Resilience Index App

The 10th annual GPPN Conference, hosted by the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, featured students' solution oriented ideas and prototypes to address public policy challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To participate, each GPPN member school carefully selected up to five student teams to present their projects and compete for the GPPN prize. The result: 32 teams from around the world met in Paris to showcase their ideas on how to solve some of the most pressing global challenges of today.


Colombian and Peruvian cities present major issues in relation to the qualitative and quantitative deficit of housing, a large part of the population lives in precarious habitats, most of them affected by climate change and without the minimum conditions of health and social security (Velásquez, 2011 & Escudero, 2013). This project aims to reveal the response and the treatment proposed by the local Administrations in Colombia and Peru to face their urban informal growth issue. Based on these experiences we propose the development of a technological prototype (an application) detailing the contexts addressed by the policies of “Comprehensive Neighbourhood Improvement” (Mejoramiento integral de Barrios in Spanish) in Medellin, Colombia, and “My Neighbourhood is mine” (BarrioMio in Spanish) in Lima, Peru, to scale their impact on their cities resilience indicators. These results can work as references to highlight the salience of the problem and replicate similar policies in other cities using the city resilience index.

Meet the team

Nadhya Saenz: I was born in Lima, the capital of Perú. I undertook Political Science and Government as my undergraduate at the Pontific Catholic University of Peru. I worked in public administration and public policy since my graduation, in 2010. First I worked in the municipal project “BarrioMio” for urban development and social integration in Lima for almost 2 years and a half. Before starting the MPA at LSE, I worked as Coordinator at a national level rural educational policy, “Formation in Alternance”, in the Ministery of Education of Peru, for over 1 year.

Sebastian Gallego Jimenez is a Colombian industrial engineer, business administrator and MPA candidate at LSE. From 2011 to 2013, Sebastian worked for Michelin as a productivity engineer in Colombia and Brazil, and then he founded his own construction company in Colombia. Sebastian has worked in politics for more than 10 years with Mayors in Cali and Medellin, and also in three presidential campaigns in Colombia (2006, 2010, 2014). Currently, he is working in the financial sector for QBE European Operations (insurance company) in London (UK).

Silvana Rebaza is a 2nd Year MPA Candidate at the LSE. Her recent research has been related to social protection programmes and international development. Also, she accumulated work experience in the public sector for the last four years as a civil servant in the Ministry of Education and the Decentralisation Department of Peru, her country of origin. After graduating from LSE, she would like to continue her endeavours in the international development field as a policy maker or researcher. Silvana speaks native Spanish, and intermediate French; her favourite sports are yoga, cycling and running; her hobbies are travelling and painting.

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