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The 10th annual GPPN Conference, hosted by the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, featured students' solution oriented ideas and prototypes to address public policy challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To participate, each GPPN member school carefully selected up to five student teams to present their projects and compete for the GPPN prize. The result: 32 teams from around the world met in Paris to showcase their ideas on how to solve some of the most pressing global challenges of today.


Solar energy in Chile is by far the cheapest source of energy for households, but only around 150 homes are powered by the sun. Although there is a great opportunity to expand solar energy in Chile, the transformation is currently constrained by high selling prices, a poor flow of information from suppliers to customers, and a lack of financing options apart from the up-front payment. Hence, SunCommunity is developing a model for consumer aggregation to be the key driver of sustainable solar solutions to households in Chile. Specifically, SunCommunity will establish an online market platform to increase the negotiation power of customers and obtain lower prices on clean solar energy, to improve the information quality on solar energy, and to offer different financing options for our customers.

Meet the team

Gabriel Guggisberg is from Santiago, Chile. He is a graduate engineer from the Universidad de Chile and he is currently pursuing a master degree in energy and economics at Columbia University. Previously, he has worked as a regional professional at the Ministry of Energy in Chile, where he worked intensively on major regional energy issues and potential solutions based on renewable energy applications. Furthermore, he was a key part of the implementation of 11 new local energy strategies in the region of Santiago. He considers himself a flexible and enthusiastic professional eager to work for initiatives in the sustainable development field or social transformation through innovation.

Anders Johannes Enghild was born in Aarhus, Denmark. He holds two different bachelor’s degrees: One in Philosophy and one in Economics and Management – both from Aarhus University. Currently, he is pursuing a Master in International Affairs at Columbia University, specializing in Economic and Political Development. Before joining Columbia University, Anders worked as a consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors in both Copenhagen and Nairobi. At Dalberg, he focused on expanding financial services to the poorest people in Eastern Africa. Anders is striving to eradicate poverty through business thinking and impact investment.

Gabriel Correa was born in Santiago, Chile. He holds a Master in Economics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and he is currently pursuing a Master in Public Administration from Columbia University, where he focusses social policy development. Previously, he has worked as Senior Research Analyst at Grupo Security, where he specialized in developing a range of diversified financial products and services to medium-sized companies as well as high-income individuals. Gabriel is eager to understand and drive the future changes that will shape our society.

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